Unit 01 The Thirsty Fish
Unit 02 Why Do Early Birds Sing?
Unit 03 How High Can a Bug Fly?
Unit 04 Why Do Leaves Fall?
Unit 05 Do Animals Leave Fingerprints?
Unit 06 Why Does the Bathroom Smell So Bad?
Unit 07 What Makes Rain Clouds Look Dark?
Unit 08 What Would Happen If a Venomous Snake Bit Itself?
Unit 09 Where Did the Bones Go?
Unit 10 A Matter of Laugh and Death
Unit 11 Bloody Steak
Unit 12 How Many Calories Is That?
Unit 13 Do Fish Get Struck by Lightning?
Unit 14 Brain Power
Unit 15 Do Animals Cry?
Unit 16 The Science of Cuteness
Unit 17 Are You Thick-Skinned?
Unit 18 Can You Lift an Elephant with Your Hair?
Unit 19 Don't Drop That Coin!
Unit 20 Bye-Bye, Love?