Unit 01 Earth: The Water Planet
Unit 02 Touch the Sky: Flying in a Hot-Air Balloon
Unit 03 The Mystery of UFOs
Unit 04 Busy Bees
Unit 05 The Journey of a Lifetime
Unit 06 Making Cool Stuff from Rubbish
Unit 07 The Magic World of Harry Potter
Unit 08 What Would I Do If I Won the Lottery?
Unit 09 Exploring the Pyramids of Egypt
Unit 10 Measuring Laughter
Unit 11 Fun with Your Food
Unit 12 The Strange and Wonderful Doughnut Hole
Unit 13 Teddy Bears
Unit 14 Magellan's Journey around the World
Unit 15 A Lucky Dessert: Fortune Cookies
Unit 16 The Amazing Koala
Unit 17 Blogs: A New Way to Write About the Day
Unit 18 The World's Biggest Birthday Present
Unit 19 That's What I Call Talking to the Animals
Unit 20 The First Valentine